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The Heart of Scotland

I have started work on a new black and white project on Schiehallion with my writer friend James Richardson.

 Schiehallion is one of the most accessible and popular mountains in the Scottish Highlands and stands at the very heart of the country. Its conical shape and unique geology have long intrigued both travelers and locals alike. In the folklore of the region, it holds a luminous position as a portal into the Otherworld, an enchanted haunt of fairies and witches and a refuge for rebels, wolves and renegades.

These moody shots are from our initial exploratory walks in January. So far we have walked to summit from both the East and West and had memorable scramble up the steep north face in mist. 

For the world of Science Shiehallion's prominence is equally immortalized by the 18th century experiment to determine the Earth’s density, conducted from its heights. Surveys undertaken then produced the very first contour lines and they have rippled out from Schiehallion across every Ordnance Survey map since, giving us an enhanced appreciation of the landscapes we journey through.

James and I will be back out on the hill in May and if we are happy with words and images that come from these walks hope to ultimately publish a book of prose and pictures on ‘The Fairy Mountain.’

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