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Mercy Corps’ development work in Guatemala

In November 2011 I traveled to Guatemala on a photographic field trip with development charity Mercy Corps to remote communities in the Alta Verapaz region of the country. I've never been to Guatemala before and was blown away by the diversity of its landscapes and people. Like so much of the developing world Guatemala's immense natural wealth is sharply contrasted with the poverty of so many of its people. After 35 years of bitter civil war the country is fractured with deep political and ethnic fault lines and disputes over land are still a major cause of conflict and violence.

I photographed communities who have secured their own land with the help of Mercy Corps and documented efforts to help make this land more productive. The people from these indigenous Chi’che communities are also working in partnership with Mercy Corps to improve health care, nutrition, sanitation and housing in their villages. This is a small selection of portraits from this work.

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