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Summer in South Georgia

South Georgia

Where else in the world has glaciers, elephant seals, king penguins and ghostly abandoned whaling stations? I had the most incredible six weeks on South Georgia where I was the islands's first photographer Artist in Residence for the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT). The resulting book, Summer in South Gerogia (Watermill Books), is an intimate portrait of wildlife, conservation and true wilderness at the ends of the world. 

I made a 15,000 mile round trip to the remote sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia to spend 50 days on the island capturing its unique landscape and architecture. I’m absolutely thrilled to be given this opportunity to photograph and write about one of the wildest corners of the world. I’ve long been fascinated by South Georgia’s landscapes, wildlife and history since my dad read me passages from  Shackleton’s 'South' as a child. 








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