Summer in South Georgia

South Georgia has fascinated explorers and travellers ever since Captain Cook first landed there in 1775. Situated in Antarctic waters some 1,000 nautical miles from The Falkland Islands this remote and inhospitable islands is one of the most far flung corners of the world. It is home to an incredible abundance of wildlife, as well as the rusting remains of the Southern Ocean’s whaling industry. This year is the centenary of Sir Ernest Shakleton’s epic crossing of the island to save his crew 1916.

Writer and photographer Jamie Grant braved the high seas to take up the post of Artist in Resident on South Georgia for the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) between November 2015 and January 2016. He lived in the abandoned whaling station of Grytviken with SGHT museum staff, close to the British Antarctic Survey Base at King Edward Point. Joining field biologists on multi-day expeditions on remote penisulas, he was able to visit areas that most visitors can’t reach.

His account of an Austral summer on this sub-Antarctic isle is published by Watermill Books. Mixing images with travel writing, ‘Summer in South Georgia’ is a unique tale of wildlife, conservation and true wilderness at the ends of world.

Review of Summer in South Georgia 

When my daughter excitedly announced that her dream had come true and she was off to South Georgia with BAS next (Southern) summer, I asked her to see if their library had any
books-with-pictures so I could have a glimpse at where she is headed. She brought back your 'Summer In South Georgia'. I have so enjoyed it. Both the evocative mages and your very poetic and accessible writing . It was literally' wonderful.' I can share her euphoric sense of anticipation even more now. Thank You!


About Summer in South Georgia

Hardback containing 144 colour pages, 6,000 words
Publisher: Watermill Books,
Published  August, 2016
Price: £20


The High Oak

Jamie Grant makes a five-day walk with two old friends Marcus Noble and James Richardson across Dartmoor. Setting of in sunshine they journey through rain, mist and myth to the ancient oak woodlands of Piles Copse, Wistman’s Wood and Black-a-Tot-Beare. This book of photographs, poetry, prose and illustration is a personal response to their walk, offering a vibrantly direct encounter with a much-loved landscape.

Reviewed in the May/June 2015 edition of Resurgence and The Ecologist magazine by nature writer Vivian Darling: "Without work like this, how will we be able to cherish and protect our wild places, or indeed look after the wild within?"

The High Oak is a hardback with 128 colour pages. It is designed by fourth friend Dave Harbott, printed by MRM Graphics and pas published by Blacker Tor Press in association with Watermill Books. The High Oak has sold out and is now out of print. 

The high oak cover

Winter in Glen Lyon

Jamie Grant brings the winter scenery of Glen Lyon in Highland Perthshire to life in this intimate collection of black and white images. Taken over ten long winters, this is a unique celebration of the landscapes, people and spirit of Scotland’s longest glen.

Voted runner up for Scotland's Favourite Photo Nature Book 2014 by Scottish Nature Photography Awards.

Hardback, 128 pages 109 black & white photographs: £25.00

Order online from The Aberfeldy Watermill

Winter in Glen Lyon

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