Journey to South Georgia


I'm just back from an epic 15,000 mile return journey to the Antarctic isle South Georgia where I was the artist in resident for The South Georgia Heritage Trust for six weeks. Just getting there and back from Scotland has been an adventure in itself. My return trip included a six day crossing of the Southern Ocean to the Falklands on the fisheries protection vessel the Pharos (pictured).

I then ended up being marooned on an MOD base on the Ascension Islands, waiting for an essential part to be flown out for the aircraft I was travelling on. There wasn’t much else to do in the heat than drink beer, play cards and watch enormous yellow crabs migrate at night across the volcanic rock.

I'm absolutely thrilled to be back in Scotland and reunited with my long-suffering family. Now it feels like the hard work on the project really begins with thousands of images to sort and edit for the book, Summer in South Georgia, to be published by Watermill Books later this year.

To follow the books progress and learn more about the islands incredible landscapes, wildlife and work of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) base please follow my the Facebook page 'Summer in South Georgia.'

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