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Sam at hadfast22low

Life at the Sharp End

Sam and his volunteers don’t measure their rewards for all this hard work in currency. United by a common passion for wildlife they endure long days in all weathers to get a glimpse into hidden worlds: a newt, a rare orchid, an adder curled up in the sun.

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Two of a Kind

As well as their climbing achievements their story is one of an extraordinary 47 year friendship that defied the rigid class conventions of Victorian Britain. Despite their different backgrounds they were bound, like the rope that they slung between them, by a common love of Skye’s wildest places. Collie may have climbed in the Alps, Norway, the Himalayas and the Canadian Rockies but it was Skye and the memory of his friendship with Mackenzie that he would return to at the end his life.

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Eigg silent revolution7

The Isle of Eigg’s Silent Revolution

The islanders are in the middle of a second, green revolution. The signs were everywhere. An electric milk van picked up the luggage from the ferry to shuttle it to the old laird’s house, now being converted into the Earth Connections Sustainability Centre. Four wind turbines help deliver renewable energy to the entire island on the high ground behind.

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