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Royal Pictish Monastery Found in Highland Perthshire

A dedicated band of local volunteers opened up two exploratory trenches to reveal what they believes to be the remains of a Pictish monastic enclosure, also known as a vallum monastery, dating back to the 6th century AD. It’s in a beautiful state of preservation,” said archeologist Dr Oliver O’Grady, “and one of the best upstanding pieces of Pictish archaeology that I’ve ever seen.”

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Bitten by ants

Bitten by Ants

Jonny Hughes, SWT’s Director of Conservation, decided what to do with the rest of his life when he was just 10 years old. He still remembers the exact moment, standing in a stretch of ancient woodland by the river Lyon in Highland Perthshire thirty odd years ago. He was with Cedric Collingwood, a family friend and renowned ant expert. At their feet was a mound of earth and pine needles, crawling with industrious ants.

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Gentle warriors

Gentle Warriors

Marco is one of a growing number of SWT members who are taking a more active role in defending their local wildlife from insensitive developments. It could be a local watercourse that risks being polluted, or a meadow of rare orchids to be dug up for a housing development. Sometimes it can come down to a single hedge that, if removed, will take away birdsong from someone’s life.

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Bring back the wild things

Bringing Back the Wild Things

Dusk is fast approaching in Argyll’s Knapdale forest. While a thin light still ripples across the surface of loch Coillie Bhorr, darkness is spreading though the woodland of birch, alder and willow. The path that I am following through these trees skirts a flooded area of gnawed stumps to reach a clearing with a deep, circular pool. At the far end is their ‘lodge’, a grand name for the large pile of branches that is home to a family of beavers.

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