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South Georgia

Glaciers, amazing wildlife and abandoned whaling stations in South Georgia 


The Fairy Mountain

Exploring Scotland's heart stone  

High blokes 26

The High Oak

Celebrating Dartmoor in all its beguiling beauty...

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From burn to bottle

This year I'm combining two great passions: photography and whisky.


Climate change in Georgia

Documenting rural development and how climate change is devastating livelihoods in Georgia for Mercy Corps

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Kings of Lyon

I hope to have caught something of the spirit of Scotland’s longest glen as well as people  who seem to thrive in such a hostile environment.



Capturing Mercy Corps' development work in Guatemala 



 These images reflect a stillness beneath the country’s characteristic colour and vibrancy.



I have loved the Bolivian Altiplano (Highlands) ever since I first travelled there almost twenty years ago.

Cape verde low res

Republic of Cape Verde

This collection of small islands in the mid Atlantic (once the last stopping off point for mariners before they struck out for the New World) are not for the faint hearted....

Featured projects:


Judging Scottish Nature Photography Award 2018

I’m thrilled to have been asked to help judge this year’s Scottish Nature Photography Awards, alongside wildlife photographer Raymond Besant and co-organiser of the Award Niall Irvine. The award is a wonderful celebration of Scotland’s environment, wildlife and wild places and I feel honoured...

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Coastal blog

New coastal project and book

Four years ago I joined my old buddies James and Marcus on a five day walk across Dartmoor. I’m buzzing with excitement with the prospect of setting off with them again - only this time it is the Devon coastline rather than the moor that we will exploring...

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New talk and exhibition at Dundee Discovery Point

Join me on a journey across the Southern Ocean to South Georgia. On the 12th of January I’ll be giving a lively and informative illustrated talk about life on this remote Antarctic isle at Dundee Discovery Point (home of the ship that took Scott and Shackleton on...

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Kylesku pier

Tales from the sea

I was sent last summer by Scottish Wildlife Trust to photograph and interview people on the west coast who make their lives directly or indirectly from the sea in response to the consultation on proposed Marine Protected Areas in Scotland. I focused on Assynt and Coigach and met...

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Featured articles:

Wild things

Bring Back the Wild Things

SWT Magazine, June 2017

The Falkirk Wildlife Watch group crouch around a white tray teeming with pond life at Juniper Wildlife Reserve in Grangemouth. Their central focus is a pulsating, inky black squiggle that inspires horror and awe in equal measure. James (aged 9) gently prods ‘Frankie’ the leech with a stick too...

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Glacier face

Journey to the Ends of the Earth

My journey to South Georgia started in my imagination many long years ago. I was a teenager, browsing through my father’s collection of dusty hard-back books of travel and distant adventure when Sir Earnest Shackleton’s South practically jumped off the shelf. The spine was so broken...

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Monarch of the glen, edwin landseer, 1851

The Monarch of Glen Feshie

Scottish Wildlife Trust Magazine, Jan 2016

It is the summer of 1850 and Sir Edwin Landseer sits in his modest artist’s retreat in Glen Feshie, completing the final sketches of what will become one of the most famed depictions of the Scottish Highlands. Renowned for his ability to paint with both hands at the same...

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Rewilding our Cities

Scottish Wildlife Trust Magazine, May 2015

Edinburgh based landscape gardener John Frater could hear the new roadside verge he had designed in Portobello long before he saw it. The air was thick with the contented buzz of bees, hoverflies and wasps, all feeding on a profusion of tall prairie flowers. Gone was the monotone of mowed...

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Muir on rock by lake-1

Song for the Wild

TGO Magazine, May 2014

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.” John Muir’s invitation echoes down the years and tugs at me every time I dip into one of his books. His enthusiasm for wild places is so irresistible, his faith in its restorative power so complete. He remained...

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